Expansion to Mercabarna to strengthen Barcelona’s food system

The new agreement between the Zona Franca Consortium and Mercabarna for the purchase of a site of over 170,000 square metres will increase the floor space at the agro-food estate by 22%, offering greater capacity for businesses, the introduction of innovative tech and the promotion of sustainable agro-food circuits.

25/10/2021 16:13 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Over 17 hectares for Mercabarna to expand

The purchase of plot 22AL in the Zona Franca industrial estate, at a cost of 69,775,645 euros, will make it possible to expand the current complex by 173,194 square metres. The move represents an essential step in modernising and optimising systems at one of the most important wholesale agro-food markets in Europe.

The growth of Mercabarna will also create more jobs and make for a more efficient, sustainable and resilient agro-food consumption circuit.

Optimisation of the agro-food ecosystem

The expansion to the estate will not only help businesses to grow, but also mean the introduction of new technologies for conservation, sustainable packaging, the transformation of fresh produce and production of products based on vegetable protein. The additional space will also make it possible for new sustainable agriculture and food companies to start operating at the wholesale market.

Improved logistics

Multimodal transport, internationalisation, new distribution channels and last-mile transport systems hold the key to the current challenges for the agro-food sector. The introduction of logistics companies which help in this respect will see Mercabarna bolster its agro-food strategy on a local and international scale.

Backing for sustainability

The adoption of a consumption model which is compatible with environmental and climate challenges means embracing measures to cut CO2 emissions and promoting resilient forms of commerce. These include the circular economy in waste management, infrastructures for renewable energy and the introduction of food recovery initiatives.

Time frames and availability of spaces

The goal is to formalise the operation before the year is out, so that the facility has access to 55,000 square metres of floor space in 2022. The rest of the space belonging to plot 22AL will be conditioned as the contracts signed before the purchase of Mercabarna and the Zona Franca Consortium expire.



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