Over half of municipal procedures now conducted online or by phone

The volume of municipal procedures conducted telematically doubled between 2019 and 2022, according to data from Citizen Support, which includes Citizen Help and Information Offices (OAC), the 010 phone service and online procedures. Out of nearly four million municipal procedures conducted in 2022, some 56% were completed online or by phone (2,211,412 procedures in all). Citizens rate the service very highly.

12/03/2023 10:22 h

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The shift from face-to-face to online procedures reflects a change of paradigm, attributable to the pandemic, together with the inclusion of simpler new identification systems such as Cl@ve and IdCat Mòbil, as well as the possibility of carrying out more procedures online.

Support was given in 8,400,615 instances last year, some 30% more than in 2019. The 010 phone number largely handled the increase in demand from citizens.

In terms of the most common procedures carried out via each channel, the most notable figures show that 74% of procedures at Citizen Help and Information Offices (OAC) correspond to residency matters and 42% of those over the phone correspond to tax matters, while online procedures account for a broader range of topics.

Return of face-to-face support

Following the limits adopted as a result of the pandemic, face-to-face support is now being restored for groups who need it. From mid-March onwards, Citizen Help and Information Offices (OAC) will allow users to apply for subsidies such as those providing funding for child-rearing or to apply for permits to occupy public space on Sant Jordi’s Day.

Highly rated by citizens

The city’s support channels are highly rated by citizens. The face-to-face service was given a score of 9.1 (out of 10), while the 010 phone service got 8.3 and the Virtual Procedures Office got 7.4. In all three cases, perceived quality was better than expected quality.

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