The city recognises innovative companies in the organisation and use of time

Once again, the city is launching its annual call for the Barcelona Award for Innovative Business in Organisation and Uses of Time, which recognises good practice by companies or organisations to achieve better uses of time and benefit their staff. The period for presenting candidacies is open until 15 November.

02/10/2022 13:02 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona


The eleventh edition of the Barcelona Award for Innovative Business in Organisation and Uses of Time has four categories, according to the number of workers with each candidate business or organisation. The Micro category is for those with fewer than ten workers: the Small category for between 10 and 50; the Medium category for between 50 and 250, and the Large category for organisations and companies with over 250 staff.

The awards also include the possibility of a special mention for a company belonging to the NUST Network, a group of 140 businesses and organisations helping to make the city a better place to live and work in, fostering a healthier production model which is fairer, more sustainable and innovative.

Full information on the award is available at:

Teleworking, the right to disconnect and diversity management as key factors in workers’ welfare

Recent years have seen many companies introduce changes in the way they organise time and their working culture, including key measures to attract and retain top professionals. This is the spirit which the award seeks to recognise, giving visibility to companies and organisations which have made a commitment to facilitating the organisation of time and improving the welfare of their workers.

Good practice and measures valued by the award include joint gender responsibility, balance between personal and professional time, teleworking, the right to digital disconnection, compacted working hours, longer maternity and paternity leave, diversity management and more.

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