First street-calmed section of Cristobal de Moura completed: 17,000 square metres of greenery and public space

The first section of the transformation of C/ Cristóbal de Moura into a new pedestrian-focused green space has now been completed. The section between C/ Fluvià and C/ Provençals features a large central space, 26 metres wide and offering space for recreation, children’s games, a linear garden, zones to stroll in, a bike lane and a service lane.

17/11/2019 10:54 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The revamp of C/ Cristobal de Moura wins back space for local people, reducing traffic and offering better air quality and more pleasant spaces.

Greenery predominates, 3,500 square metres of it, with trees to help biodiversity, such as ceiba and jacaranda, which also offer shade. There are also aromatic plants and bushes, such as sage, rosemary and ivy, to attract pollinating insects.

The revamp is part of the plan to revitalise the 22@ area, which also includes the remodelling of Carrer de Pere IV, backing for public housing, facilities and popular culture spaces at La Escocesa, the renovation of Ca l’Alier and other action in public spaces.

Consensual transformation

At the end of 2020 the project will extend to the section between C/ Josep Pla and C/ Maresme, an area of 16,300 square metres.

Once whole street is renovated, C/ Cristóbal de Moura will constitute a linear garden of 1.27 kilometres, with 32,000 square metres of greenery, connecting the Parc Central del Poblenou, Rambla de Prim and the Parc del Besòs.

The rest of the sections will be agreed on and defined with the local community.


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