Tendering period open for training to be offered by Barcelona Activa

Businesses, joint ventures and the self-employed have until 3 February to make their offers for the regular training to be provided by Barcelona Activa in the next five years. Some 5.6 million euros has been allocated to fund training in 33 specialist areas.

07/01/2022 10:38 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Once the tendering period concludes, Barcelona Activa will choose the options which best suit the demands of the current job market and which address the challenges of a digital and sustainable economy and the various labour profile needs. Each company, joint venture or self-employed professional can be awarded a maximum of two lots. The training period for the new services contracted gets under way in July 2022, with the current courses, tendered four years ago, to remain in place until June 2022.

Compared to training tendered in the last process, areas added this time include courses on big data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, in addition to website creation, marketing, economic management, entertainment, leadership and more. All training is short-term and highly specialised, with social efficiency goals such as equality plans and measures for work-life balance.

The last four years have seen over 98,000 people take part in the 24,000 training activities offered by Barcelona Activa, on tech skills, the promotion of employment, support for entrepreneurs and companies and socio-economic innovation.

From now until early February, the public procurement website details the training lots being tendered by specialism, as well as all the information needed for submitting proposals.


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