The Llevant beach opens up to dogs

19/07/2016 16:30 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The area set aside for dogs at the Llevant beach is now in operation. The pilot scheme by City Council will be in place until 25 September and offers access to owners accompanied by dogs which are registered and have ID chips.

The area covers1,250 square metres and is signposted and surrounded by a wooden fence. It is equipped with two new showers for people and another special shower for dogs, a drinking facility, two urinals and waste bins.

During the trial period (by Mayoral Decree), environmental information staff will monitor the area, provide information for users and distribute bags for disposing of dog dirt. In order to maintain optimum hygiene in the area, specific cleaning tasks will be carried out and while the beach is open, sand and water quality will be monitored.

The dog-friendly zone has a capacity for 100 people and is only open to animals which are registered and have an ID chip. “Barcelona is a pioneer as an animal-friendly city and we believe this area should be an example of citizens and animals living side-by-side“, explained Eva Herrero, Commissioner for Ecology. When the season ends, City Council will make an evaluation of the pilot scheme.

Along the rest of the city coastline, established by-laws on the protection, ownership and sale of animals apply, meaning dogs are allowed on beaches except during the summer season. To check the regulations on access for animals to the beach go to the website on beaches and bathing.