Photographic Report

6 October

9 Photographies

Beauty Is Disgusting

The photographer Tanit Plana invites the reader to make a free interpretation of the images she presents under the title Beauty Is Disgusting. As a starting point for reflection, she accompanies her photographs with this excerpt from the text After Beauty written by Paul B. Preciado for the exhibition catalogue of Natures Mortes (Still Lifes), by Anne Imhof (2021):

“What we call ugly is beautiful and what we consider beautiful is ugly. The beauty of the so-called complementarity of the sexes is repulsive. The pearl of a vulnerable girl, legs crossed, mouth closed and a still tongue is disgusting. The beauty of masculinity as power over one’s own body and over the body of others is disgusting. Only the encounter with our true organic and therefore mortal nature, forever imperfect, vulnerable and progressively marred, can paradoxically save us from the aesthetics of global capitalism”.

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