A new tool for improving housing policies

The Barcelona Metropolitan Housing Observatory (O-HB) was created as a benchmark tool for the public and the authorities on housing-related issues which, on the one hand, guarantee maximum transparency and, on the other, allow the metropolitan area’s authorities to gain access to the information needed for launching more efficient public housing policies.

10/07/2017 16:15h


The Mayor of Barcelona and Chair of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Ada Colau, has explained the importance of having tools such as the Price Index — recently presented — and the Observatory to deal with the “public need for accessing housing in decent and habitable conditions“.

The most direct results of the Observatory will be the production of an annual statistical report with a comparative diagnosis of the metropolitan area and the creation of a statistical-data display screen and online dynamics, which will be accessible for both the public and the authorities and other institutions.

The Observatory is headed by Carme Trilla and counts not just Barcelona City Council but also the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Catalan regional government among its participating institutions. The Social Housing Managers Association (GHS) plays a notable role in its management.

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