How to control and reduce energy consumption

13/03/2017 17:51h


To mark World Consumer Rights Day on 15 March, the Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC) is organising two information workshops to help the general public control and reduce energy consumption. The first workshop is on Wednesday at noon and is entitled ‘Desmuntant les factures de gas i electricitat’ [breaking down gas and electricity bills]. The second is on Thursday at 4 pm and is entitled ‘Funcionament i impacte dels comptadors electrònics’ [the operation and effects of electronic meters]. Both sessions will be held at the OMIC head office in Ronda Sant Pau.

The first session offers advice on controlling and cutting energy consumption at home, understanding gas and electricity bills in detail and information on different options for consumers when choosing energy supply companies. Common doubts and queries will also be cleared up and there will be an explanation on how to optimise service contracts in order to make overall savings.

The second session centres on how smart meters work, what advantages they have in terms of controlling consumption, power and access to information. Replies will also be given to the most common doubts and queries relating to the implementation of this new system.

The initiative is part of the ‘Carrega’t d’energia’ campaign, organised by the  Fàbrica del Sol and including a series of talks and practical workshops being presented in March, April, May and June at different facilities around the city. The Fàbirca del Sol is a municipal facility for environmental education, offering a combination of services addressed at the general public and covering renewable energy, the urban environment and sustainability.


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