Weekend: Over eighty museums light up the night with culture!

The biggest night of the year for culture is back. On Saturday nearly ninety cultural facilities in the city will be staying open until the early hours, offering free admission and inviting visitors to discover their collections from 7 pm onwards. The city’s museums thus join over four thousand establishments taking part all around Europe for Museum Night. Solidarity also features this weekend at the Xuklis festival, a musical event to help fight child cancer with groups such as Fundación Tony Manero and Smoking Stones offering free concerts. Meanwhile, beasts take centre stage in Poblenou, with Estarrufat the dragon, the Víbria (Wyvern) and the devils’ group all involved in the May festivities.

18/05/2017 11:54h


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A total of 87 cultural facilities are opening up their temporary and permanent collections free of charge on Saturday night, joining in with the European initiative now in its thirteenth edition. This year’s Museum Night is even bigger and includes newcomers in the shape of the Baluard del Migdua, the Espai Bombers, the Torre de la Creu de Sant Joan Despí and, in the virtual section, the Ramon Marull Philathelic Collection. At the same time, the Espai Fotogràfic Centelles returns to the event. The usual six routes, grouped together according to geographical proximity and public transport connections, are joined by a new itinerary entitled ‘Creació & Museus’, covering venues which are combing with creative facilities for the occasion. Various museums will also be offering live music, dance displays, workshops, audio-visuals and poetry recitals. Visitors should bear in mind that in some cases admission should be booked in advance, either online or in person.

Rock concerts to fight child cancer

For lovers of rock, disco, funk and blues also have a date with solidarity and fun on Saturday evening with the Xuklis Festival in the Montbau neighbourhood. The Association of Friends and Relatives of Children with Cancer in Catalonia (AFANOC) is organising the sixth edition of this musical event to raise funds and promote the Casa dels Xuklis, a residence to host families of children with cancer who come to receive treatment at leading hospitals. The seven-hour festival sees a number of well-known groups helping the cause with free concerts in Pla de Montbau. The line-up features Monturiol’s Band, A Contra Blues, Santo Machango, Fundación Tony Manero and Smoking Stones.

Poblenou’s beasts take to the streets for the May festivities

The May festivities in Poblenou, otherwise known as the spring festivities, reach their 38th edition this weekend with a programme made up of over forty activities organised by twenty associations and collectives. From Friday to Sunday, popular culture involving the neighbourhood’s festive imagery will fill the streets. That means Estarrufat the dragon, the Víbria (Wyvern) and the local devils’ group. The festival includes communal meals, concerts, competitions and a fair in Rambla Poblenou for eco-friendly products and entities.


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