Work gets under way to revamp the Mercat de Sant Andreu

The remodelling process for the Mercat de Sant Andreu gets under way in May with the construction of the provisional market, where traders will be transferred in September. The project for the new market, currently in the final draft phase, is aimed at integrating the market into Plaça del Mercadal and is expected to be ready in the first quarter of 2019.

30/03/2017 15:18h


The Councillor for Commerce and Markets, Montserrat Ballarín, asserted: “It’s a market project which is highly integrated into its surroundings, in keeping with the discussions we’ve held with local residents. When it’s remodelled, it will be a driving force for local commerce and for revitalising the commercial zone”.

The provisional market will consist of two modules located in C/ Sant Adrià, between C/ Segre and C/ Otger, obliging related supplies and services to be rerouted, as well as urban furniture and street trees, which will be transferred and replanted. Market stalls, 18 food stalls and 5 for non-foodstuffs, will start moving to the provisional facility in September.

The remodelling of the Mercat de Sant Andreu will allow for the current market to be demolished, except for the original structure, and for the new one to be built. The new market will be lower and take up less space, with a new glass façade, an underground floor for logistics and revamped stalls, which will remain in their present location.

The project also involves repaving and upgrading the zone around the market to help integrate the new building. The total amount to be invested is 9.5 million euros and the project is expected to be ready in the first quarter of 2019.