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Bernat Puigtobella

Before the existence of the welfare state, people had support networks that took a variety of forms. Workers’ cooperatives, parish or anarchist-run schools, mutual health societies, Catholic care homes, pawnshops, non-denominational or religious choral associations: in 19th-century Barcelona they all

If there’s one benefit of wiki communities, it’s that they can start up with a tiny budget and grow spectacularly in a very short time. It’s all about having a good idea and carrying it through at the right moment.

Lost & Found

Ada Castells

Lost & Found is a fair that promotes contact between people who don’t know each other. Max Porta, one of the driving forces behind the project, together with his colleague Diego Albanell, explains that the idea flowered from conversations around

Maite Oliva, the driving force behind Wikiartmap, tells us that it all began three years ago when she was curating a series of open-air photography exhibitions and realised that there was no tool for disseminating the creative work that is

() Fònics 2.0 es defineix com una formació musical dinàmica que selecciona els intèrprets a través d’internet