La Troba Kung-Fú

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Opening performance

The Grec kicks off, and the whole city celebrates with a mix of magic and poetry at the hand of the aerial visual theatre group Theater Tol, the Catalan rumba and rock of La Troba Kung-Fú and the fusion of flamenco, reggae and ska of Canteca de Macao. You are all welcome.

There is no rhythm as well suited to a street party than Catalan rumba. And rumba is, precisely, the starting point for La Troba Kung-Fú’s hybrid fusion of rock, dub, cumbia, blues, boogie-woogie and a thousand other sounds from the four corners of the Earth. Joan Garriga and his band have been playing together since 2005, but they still have the same energy as when they first started out. As you will see when they turn the electric fan on.

Artistic card

Direcció musical: Joan Garriga; Controls dub: Jordi Arimany; Disseny de so: Toti Arimany; Concepció Sonora : Toti Arimany; Guitarra: Miguel Serviole; Baix elèctric: Marià Roch; Bateria: Pep Terricabras ; Acordió i veu: Joan Garriga; Guitarra elèctrica: Luís Arcos; Percussió: Flor Inza;


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    Pg. Lluís Companys

    Passeig de Lluís Companys, Barcelona, Espanya

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    Admission free