Reading clubs: Paradisos oceànics

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If you like reading, do not miss the chance of discovering what happens when a literary text jumps on stage.

Some of the shows at the Grec Festival of Barcelona are based on literary texts, either old or modern, so that is why the Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison offers two Reading clubs based on these plays.

During the 20ies of the last century, the writer Aurora Bertrana, daughter of the also writer Prudenci Bertrana, narrated her stay in Polynesia in a series of articles that were published in newspapers and magazines of Barcelona at that time and later were gathered together into a novel, now reedited. Don’t miss the female look on the Oceania civilization corrupted by the west. This exciting work, written by one of the most modern women of her time, the director Mònica Bofill is now taken to stage. Signs the adaptation and dramaturgy the writer Josep M. Fonalleras.

Related show: Paradisos oceànics (Direction: Mònica Bofill / Adaptation and dramaturgy: Josep M. Fonalleras / Acting: Mercè Arànega, Paula Blanco).


Registration to both reading clubs:
Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison (Sant Pere més Baix, 7)
Tel. 93 268 73 60

Participants can take advantage of the promotion when buying both shows.


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