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Q-Ars teatre

An alarm call, a journey through the process of artistic creation.

Balzac, Rilke, Pina Bausch, Frida Kahlo, Virginia Wolf, Tàpies, Anne Sexton, Rodin and many more have all turned suffering into research, revolt, art. Their fear, their pain, their solitude, their despair, etc., drove them to create brilliant, luminous, passionate, moving works. Because the process of artistic creation starts with a sleepless night, but ends in an encounter with the Muse.

Now, the writing, sculptures and choreographies of these and other men and women have inspired a show that is a sincere love letter to art and all those artistic expression that shake us to our very souls and fill us with passion.

Artistic card

Text: Marilia Samper; Dramatúrgia: Joan M. Segura, Q-Ars teatre; Traducció: Marc Artigau; Direcció: Joan M. Segura; Moviment: Joan M. Segura, Miquel Barcelona; Intèrprets: Mercè Anglès, Miquel Barcelona, Anna Güell, Pau Soler; Arranjaments: Pau Soler; Música: Pau Soler; Espai i vestuari: Joan M. Segura, Q-Ars Teatre; Ajudant de vestuari: Agnès Costa; Disseny d'i·luminació: Sylvia Kuchinow;


Q-Ars Teatre


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  • Schedule
    9 pm
  • Space

    Teatre Lliure Montjuïc

    Passeig de Santa Madrona, 40

  • Duration
    70 min
  • Price
    e 18