Up to 4,000 euros for new self-employed workers through the Autòno+ programme

The two goals of the Autòno+ programme are to support new economic activity and ease the cost for people starting their own business. The programme is available to people officially residing in the city of Barcelona who start a new economic activity as self-employed professionals or as new members of cooperatives, The City Council has earmarked 950,000 euros for this measure, which will be managed by Barcelona Activa.

10/07/2024 15:15 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The measure will benefit around 600 new self-employed professionals in the city and help with the start of economic activity in various sectors. The application period is from 10 July to 10 September.

Who can apply for the grants?

  • Self-employed workers (individual business professionals)
  • New partners in work cooperatives

What are the requisites to meet?

  • To have started a new economic activity some time after 6 September 2022
  • To be tax-registered in the city of Barcelona as an individual entrepreneur
  • To have been on the official register of Barcelona residents for at least three months prior to registering for tax purposes
  • Not to have been registered as self-employed for the same activity in the year prior to registration
  • To be up to date with tax obligations

The quantity of the subsidies is calculated taking into account the costs linked to the first year of activity (quotas, taxes, administration, rental of premises and energy consumption). Documents for must be submitted for the overheads indicated on the application website.


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