Members of the public back the update to the by-law on civil behaviour

In all, 570 proposals were made during the participatory process to adapt the regulations from 18 years ago to the city’s new realities.

10/07/2024 11:50 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Meetings were held in all districts over a period of four months, accounting for 76% of all input, with the other 24% coming through the Decidim.Barcelona platform. The main conclusions include keeping the current by-law and updating it to cover new challenges on coexistence.

The types of behaviour that cause the most inconvenience to people are graffiti, drinking alcohol in public spaces, urinating in the street, various traffic infringements with personal mobility vehicles and motorcycles, and activities that cause inconvenience linked to authorised permits.

At the same time, members of the public have called for the effective enforcement of the by-law, with a greater police presence to detect and penalise uncivil behaviours in real time, as well as more optimal use of civic agents, the installation of more surveillance cameras and bigger fines.

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