New bike lane sections in Av. Vallcarca and C/ Mallorca

Two new bike lane sections were opened today to continue the drive for sustainable mobility: one in Av. Vallcarca, between C/ Esteve Terrades and Pl. Lesseps and the other in C/ Mallorca, between C/ Clot and C/ Cartagena.

31/03/2023 18:23 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Avinguda de Vallcarca

A new one-way segregated bike lane heading uphill has been added next to the pavement, with its own traffic lights. The section completes the cycling lane in the avenue, connecting Pl. Lesseps with the existing bike lane in the avenue and with the one in C/ Esteve Terrades.

This creates a connection between the Vila de Gràcia neighbourhood, Pg. Vall d’Hebron and Pl. Alfonso Comín, offering an important micromobility route between Turó de la Creueta del Coll and Turó del Putxet.

Carrer de Mallorca

The bike lane section in C/ Mallorca between C/ Clot and C/ Cartagena also came into operation today. This new segregated one-way bike lane runs along the side of the street nearest the sea and links the bike lane from C/ Clot with the existing section in C/ Mallorca, from the junction with C/ Cartagena.

This creates a new horizontal route across the city in the direction of the Llobregat river, linking the Clot neighbourhood with Estació de Sants through L’Eixample.

More parking

Besides the expansion of the cycling infrastructure, more bicycle parking is also being added in public streets. Some 5.867 places in inverted U bike racks have been added since April 2019, pushing up the total number from 35,185 to 41,052, an increase of 17%.

These additions to the network of bike lanes are in line with the goals in the Urban Mobility Plan 2024, which includes measures to boost journeys made on foot, on public transport and by bike. The goal is to reach 272.6 kilometres of cycling infrastructure.