New service for complaints relating to cash machines

The Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC) has set up a telephone service to provide direct support for people affected by the reduction in the number of automatic cash machines offered by banks, as well as the lack of face-to-face support in branches during opening hours. The service is available on 934 027 594, Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

14/03/2022 11:36 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The service is open to all citizens but is particularly addressed at elderly people and those affected by the digital divide. Those using the service are offered information on their rights and advice on making complaints to banks, and later to the Bank of Spain if necessary. The OMIC will also be collecting data and information on cases where people have been affected, to later pass on to the relevant bodies.

The initiative is the result of the first work meeting with representatives from banking entities, the Permanent Commission of the Council for the Elderly and consumer rights groups, held on 1 February.

Support for the elderly from the OMIC

In parallel, the OMIC has published a basic consumer advice guide for senior citizens, to help elderly people consume safely and defend their consumer rights. The guide includes recommendations to bear in mind before, during and after making purchases, and covers specific topics relating to guarantees, remote purchases, reviewing basic utilities, financial aid, insurance and banking services, works and the repair of household appliances, contracting travel and personal data. It also reminds people how to make complaints. The guide is available at all municipal facilities and also online.

The office also offers free information sessions and talks for citizens at different municipal facilities, particularly the elderly.


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