Pilot project to foster seabed biodiversity

The Port Olímpic installs 20 bioregeneration gabions designed to help marine ecosystems to recover. The results will be assessed at a later date to gauge the suitability of these structures for the waters along the Barcelona coast.

07/05/2024 15:43 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Known as ‘biohuts’, the aim is for these structures to favour the presence and development of young fish, usually found in port areas. The structures have been submerged along the sea wall and the Moll de Marina wharf, offering shelter against predators through irregular spaces created with mollusc shells that at the same time offer nutrients for the species that use them.

The project comes in addition to the environmentalisation strategy being carried out in collaboration with Barcelona Zoo. There are more than 5,000 biohuts distributed around Europe’s coasts, where over 500 different species have been observed.