Maria Buhigas

Founder, Urban Facts

Architect (Etsab, UPC’97) and Urban Planner (MsUP, Columbia University’99) has provided, over more than 20 years, technical assistance in strategic urban planning and support in the decision-making of municipalities on these matters, both nationally and internationally. She works, as well, as consultant for bilateral cooperation agencies (Agencies of the United Nations system and the World Bank) and for private sector companies. Currently, she is the Director of the Strategic Projects Department at the Mataró City Council and co-director of the Barcelona City Council’s office for the revision of the General Metropolitan Plan (2018-19 and 2020-present), activities that she combines with her professional office (Urban Facts) and with teaching at the UAB, as an associate professor. Previously, Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the ESPON Agency of the European Union (2018-2020). Elected Councillor in Barcelona City Council (2019-20). She holds a position in the public Agency Barcelona Regional, devoted to infrastructure and urban development in Barcelona Metropolitan Region (1999-2013) and led its Urban Strategy Department (2006-2013).

Cities of the future

Tuesday, March 28

15:30 h - 16:30 h

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