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Within the framework of the exceptional circumstances and economic crisis caused by COVID-19, here at Barcelona City Council we are launching an economic recovery project with a set of measures that aim to regenerate the economic and social fabric of Barcelona and boost its economy.


Information updated or added to the website in the last few hours

  • Promotion of the Pact for Barcelona

    Barcelona City Council has presented the final document of the Pact for Barcelona ​after an extensive participation and debate process initiated as a result of the Covid-19 health emergency.

  • BCN Safe City. BCN Safe Visit

    Barcelona City Council is offering an online advice service for enterprises linked to the visitor economy to find out what the most appropriate health and safety protocols or measures are for each type of business.

  • Subsidies to reduce rents for commercial premises

    Barcelona City Council has earmarked one million euros for subsidies to help reduce rents on commercial premises in response to the Covid-19 crisis. Subsidy applications can be made until 24 August.

  • Package of measures for the digital transformation of shops

    A set of resources to help shops and the restaurant industry take the plunge into the digital world. This new service includes the necessary advice to create a digitisation plan, access to a selection of training programmes with over 50 online courses and a set of grants.

  • The Mobile World Capital Barcelona board of trustees ratifies the agreement to extend MWC Barcelona to 2024

    The Mobile Word Capital Barcelona board of trustees held a new meeting in which it ratified the agreement to extend MWC Barcelona to 2024, a move that consolidates the city’s position as the world’s mobile capital.

  • City Council approves €90 million Covid Fund

    The Full Council has passed a budget amendment that will give it the financial resources it needs to respond to the social, economic and health emergency. A total of €35 million will go to social needs, €30 million towards reviving the economy, €15 million to transforming urban spaces and €10 million to culture.

  • Barcelona City Council to open an office for capturing European Reconstruction Funds

    The City Council is setting up this service to capture the reconstruction funds announced by the European Council, while ensuring maximum coordination with the offices in Brussels and Madrid from Barcelona City Hall.

Let's get our city back



When the shutters are raised, the city’s streets fill with life

Barcelona has a local commercial fabric that listens to you and takes care of you. The baker who serves you every day, the shopkeeper you bought your favourite T-shirt from, the hardware shop assistant who sorts everything out for you and so on. More than 61,000 shops and 43 markets are keen to see you.

Restaurants are now back on the menu


The city’s bars and restaurants await you

That waiter who knows how you like your coffee, the head waiter who always finds you the best table, the cook who prepares your favourite dish, the ice-cream man who cools you down during the summers... Barcelona has a large range of quality food offers. It’s now time to enjoy them again.

Gent asseguda a una terrassa amb les taules adequadament separades conversant i prenent una beguda

Social and solidarity economy, now more than ever!


Discover the social and solidarity economy’s services, products and activities that there are in Barcelona!

Did you know that another way of building the economy and society is not only possible but already present in our everyday life?

Barcelona has a whole host of production, service, activity, consumption and funding initiatives in operation which have been making proposals that are more democratic, solidary and friendly to people and the territories and enabling us to reverse the climate emergency. And you too, as a city resident, can join in all these initiatives!

We are what we eat: choose local food!


Discover local food alternatives in Barcelona.

Our city offers a wide range of alternatives for conscious consumption, which enable city residents to fill their baskets with fresh, ecological, seasonal and local food, thereby reducing the distance between producers and consumers.

Rediscovering our city


Go for a walk and enjoy parts of the city that you didn’t know

It's time to reconnect with the city, time to discover all the interesting places near our homes. Here you will find a few proposals to make the most out of Barcelona.

Culturally active


Barcelona supports its cultural sector and fabric

Barcelona City Council strengthens grass-roots culture, keeps or expands existing programmes such as the Barcelona Grec Festival, among other things, and offers financial aid for physically adapting cultural venues to the post-COVID-19 scenario and creating innovative projects.

Imatge del MACBA

We are re-launching international economic promotion


Barcelona’s got power!

Barcelona is a city open to the world, with a combination of features that make it so unique and attractive as a city, not just for its ideas but also for the way it is and does things.

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