Sónar+D CCCB

Sónar+D CCCB, extra edition

The international congress of creative technologies returns to the CCCB with a free version, open to everyone and in virtual and face-to-face formats.

The covid-19 has altered our lives and many of the plans we had for this year. Numerous mass events have been postponed hoping that the situation of the pandemic will improve. This is the case of Sónar+D, the creative technologies congress associated with the Sónar festival, which has been postponed to June 2021. However, the congress has organised an extraordinary edition for 2020, the Sónar+D CCCB, a version with more than 70 activities, free of charge and presented in both virtual and face-to-face formats, which will take place on the 18th and 19th of September at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, the venue where the Sónar festival was born twenty-seven years ago.

Sónar+D CCCB is a meeting place that focuses on local talent and creativity, created to share experiences, knowledge and technologies and to think about the future through a wide range of activities and formats. The programme includes lectures, debates, workshops, exhibitions, DJ sets, concerts and other proposals by 140 artists and speakers with a significant participation of Barcelona's leading figures.

Among the most outstanding names we can find the shows and premieres of musicians, djs and performers from the local scene such as Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés, Morad, Lolo & Sosaku, Alba G. Corral, Carlos Viarnés, John Talabot and Desilence. Sónar+D CCCB also includes exclusive performances by national and international artists such as Max Cooper, Arca, Laurel Halo, Daito Manabe, Ryoji Ikeda and El Niño de Elche.

As for the conferences, talks and debates, this special edition of Sónar+D will have a more reflective character, motivated by the context of the global crisis due to covid-19. Within this framework, the programmed sessions will explore the relations between creativity and science, and will look to the future from the perspective of environmental awareness and technology. There will be five thematic axes: robotics, immersive technology, artificial intelligence, science from a transdisciplinary perspective and musical creation.

Among other proposals, the festival has programmed the usual workshops, presentations by creative studios, universities and art installations, the virtual exhibition Garden Barcelona Show or the artistic action Eina Idea Metro Mudra which will be on display at eight metro stations between the 4th and 19th of September.

Once again, professionals, curious and passionate people about art, music, creativity, cinema, the digital world, design, the mind, science and a long etcetera will be brought together. If you feel identified with them, don't miss the opportunity to attend this pooling of new ideas that allow society, culture and the economy to open up new paths and to move forward.

All the information and registrations can be found at this link.


Publication date: Friday, 11 September 2020
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