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Marbella, 1974 © Carlos Pérez Siquier

Fundació MAPFRE offers an exhibition of the photographer’s best series.

Cinema   ( + )
David Lynch at work. Photograph from © Item éditions

An exhibition of lithographs by David Lynch in honour of the Italian director completes the ‘Amarcord...

'Et in Arcadia ego 11', one of the two Llena works in the exhibition

For this show, the artist has chosen the works that spark the most aesthetic frisson in him.

©Tomás Riva. Museu d’Història de la Immigració de Catalunya (History of Immigration in Catalonia Museum)

The exhibition ‘LIVING ON MONTJUÏC. Memories of a Forgotten Shantytown’ opens its doors in Montjuïc Castle...

Picture of the art critic Sebastià Gasch, by Antoni Bernad

Fundació Joan Miró is holding an exhibition of work produced by the Barcelona-born photographer.

Antoni Tàpies i Puig

Fundació Antoni Tàpies will be displaying a collection of the artist’s prints and books until the end of...

Close-up of one of the pieces from the ‘Picasso poet’ exhibition

They look at the artist's friendship with Paul Éluard and the painter’s poetic side.

‘Charlotte Posenenske: Work in Progress’

An exhibition that delves into the work of this German artist who was active between 1956 and 1968

Exhibitions   ( + )

It will be inaugurated with an immersive exhibition called “Monet”, which takes visitors into the painter'...

Science   ( + )
Sabre-toothed cats and mastodons

An exhibition about prehistoric animal fossils found in the Cerro de los Batallones sites.

Do you work or design?

Opening on 9 June, the exhibition 'Do you work or design?' features some of the objects that made...

Science   ( + )
Science according to Forges

An exhibition celebrating this cartoonist, which highlights his work related to research.

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Exposició 'Pinzellades d'estudi', de Jordi Pedret

When: From 25/02/2020 to 06/03/2020
Where: Casal de Barri Diagonal Mar C Selva de Mar 22 (Sant Martí) 933 079 120

Exposició 'Aigua', de Jordi Casademont

When: From 02/03/2020 to 30/03/2020
Where: Casal de Barri La Llacuna C Bolívia 49 (Sant Martí) 937071892

Exposició 'Desert del Sahara', d'Emili Vicens

When: From 03/02/2020 to 17/02/2020
Where: Casal de Barri La Llacuna C Bolívia 49 (Sant Martí) 937071892

Exposició 'Les opcions del 1978: nacionalitats i regions'

When: From 04/02/2020 to 31/05/2020
Where: Entitat Memorial Democràtic C Peu de la Creu 4 (Ciutat Vella) 938 876 200

Dia Internacional de les Dones: Exposició 'Els feminismes del Feminal'

When: From 28/02/2020 to 12/03/2020
Where: Biblioteca Sant Pau - Santa Creu C Carme 47 (Ciutat Vella) 933020797

Exposició "101"

When: From 06/02/2020 to 28/03/2020
Where: Montana Shop & Gallery C Comerç 6 (Ciutat Vella) 932680191

Exposició 'La fotografia de Carlos Pérez Siquier'

When: From 14/02/2020 to 17/05/2020
Where: Sala Fundació Mapfre C Diputació 250 (Eixample) 934 012 603

Exposicions 'Extraordinàries'

When: From 17/02/2020 to 28/02/2020
Where: Consell Municipal del Districte de Gràcia Pl Vila de Gràcia 2 (Gràcia) 934027000

“Rajoles i oficis. Propostes artesanes contemporànies”

When: From 21/02/2020 to 26/04/2020
Where: Centre d'Artesania Catalunya C Banys Nous 11 (Ciutat Vella) 934674660