Barcelona, ​​a leading city in the promotion and defense of cultural rights

New public policies aimed at recognising and extending cultural rights

Nine government measures and 100 initiatives to guarantee the cultural rights of Barcelona residents

Desde el Instituto de Cultura de Barcelona, apoyamos tu talento


Culture and public spaces: the right of access to, and participation in, culture in the street

It is one of the actions of the new government measure 'Culture and public spaces', which also includes setting up a new creation factory.

 Kyiv, guest city of La Mercè 2023

Ukraine's capital has agreed to be the guest city of the city's festival next year.


The event will take place from 10 to 16 June, and will feature fifty projects, including exhibitions, workshops, symposiums, round tables and performance activities.

Image of the informative campaign about Espais Cultura Viva

The City Council will allow culture and restaurant venues to programme live cultural activities for up to 150 people.