Call for grants for cultural projects of a one-off nature

25/05/2023 - 08:00 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The deadline for submitting applications is from 26th May to 16th June.

Barcelona City Council, through the Institute of Culture (ICUB), has opened a call for applications for grants for extraordinary projects and activities that contribute to the improvement of the city’s cultural fabric through various forms of cultural expression (performing arts, music, dance, audiovisual, visual arts, literature, technology, socio-cultural and other cultural disciplines). Applications may be submitted by individuals and legal entities, whether or not they have their registered office in Barcelona, as long as the project is carried out in the city. The period for submitting applications runs from 26 May to 16 June 2023.

Projects must meet the following requirements:

-They are exceptional, singular and non-periodic in nature.
-They are not annual.
-They are being promoted for the first time and with a desire for continuity.
-They they are carried out within the period between 1 January and 31 December 2023.

The call for proposals provides for three categories: category A refers to birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations (ceiling: €7,000); category B refers to new projects or first editions and with a desire for continuity (ceiling: €3,000); category C refers to extraordinary projects, outside the organisation’s ordinary activity and with no desire for continuity (ceiling: €3,000).

Assessment criteria

Projects can be awarded a maximum of 10 points. Up to 3 points will be awarded according to general assessment criteria and up to 7 points according to specific assessment criteria. A minimum score of 5 overall points must be achieved in order to receive a grant.

The following are considered general criteria: collaboration or complementarity with the action of the local administration considering the values it contains, projects and promotes; the incorporation of the gender perspective; the incorporation of the intercultural perspective; the incorporation of the eco-social perspective, environmentalisation and responsible consumption in the project.

The following are considered specific criteri: the quality of the project and its cultural and artistic interest; the social return and cultural link with the city; the solidity and financing.

Submission of applications

Application forms can be downloaded from the Barcelona City Council website. Applications can be filled in and submitted via the City Council’s electronic office, following the instructions indicated on this procedures portal. With the exception of individuals, all other applicants are required to submit their applications electronically. The total amount of the call for applications is €165,000.

More information in this link.