Everyone seated at the table. Nativity scene in Plaça de Sant Jaume

Festivities. This year’s nativity scene is by the scenographer Sebastià Brosa.

What form do your memories of Christmas take? What are the images, smells, sounds and colours? Perhaps many of you remember the procession, your excitement that night when you went to bed, the city suddenly transformed by coloured lights… But without a doubt, we all remember the big family meals, the long, well-prepared table, games with our cousins, maybe fancy dress, singing carols, the warm lighting, happy voices, the clinking of plates and glasses… All the little things that make life good and happy.

And, wonders Sebastià Brossa, the artist in charge of this year’s nativity scene, what would happen if we put all the main figures from a traditional Nativity scene around a table? What if, as a consequence of occupying their place year after year, they were transformed into an object? What if the Christmas characters turned into a visual poem? Instead of occupying a seat, they would have become a chair personified! With their traditional attributes and their own character. They are all there: the Mother of God, the baby Jesus, Joseph, the three Kings, a shepherd and a shepherdess, the elderly folk, the angel, and, of course, the caganer, or defecator.

Twelve characters around a well-prepared table. A large, varied family and a little nest on each plate. Bedding that has a light within, which must be tended with love and care: as we do with any creature, with the year to come, with our wishes and our lives.

An artistic offering full of creativity, tenderness and humour. Come along to Plaça Sant Jaume from 23 November to 6 January, and find your favourite character!




Organitzat per:
Institut de Cultura de Barcelona.

El projecte del Pessebre d´enguany, és a càrrec de l´escenògraf Sebastià Brosa.

La proposta anomenada "Tots a taula" gira al voltant de les reunions i àpats familiars i dels bons desitjos nadalencs.

12 personatges del pessebre tradicional, es personifiquen en cadira al voltant d´una gran taula parada amb 12 nius on hi trobarem escrits 12 desitjos.

Plaça Sant Jaume

Pl Sant Jaume, 1
Ciutat Vella
El Barri Gòtic
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Plaça Sant Jaume
From 23/11/2018 to 06/01/2019.

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