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Grups de Destacats


Oyster mushrooms, cauliflower and hazelnuts

An original and sustainable recipe from Berbena (Barcelona) by Carles Pérez Rozas.

Sustainable recipe

Beetroot cannelloni with Mató cheese and walnuts

A light and delicious starter to whet your appetite!

Sustainable recipe

Crispy fried rockfish with Catalan tomato bread

A starter of local and regional fish that is very quick to prepare.

Sustainable recipe

Warm cheese “bonbons” on toast

A simple and delicious mouth-watering light bite.

Sea snails seasoned with olive paste

A simple and original serving suggestion for any Christmas festivity meal.

Home-made pâté

All you need is a little bit of patience to prepare this home-made pâté which will delight your table companions.

Mushroom parcels

An original appetiser, easy to prepare and with a very attractive presentation.

Goat’s cheese coca with pear chutney

If you like sweet and savoury combinations, why not try this dish? We recommend you serve it with sprigs of refreshing aromatic herbs and a dash of oil.

Anchovy fillet brochettes with mozzarella and pesto sauce

A delicious brochette with strong contrasts. To save time, you can use anchovies already prepared in oil.

Grups de Destacats

First courses

Girella with a purée of Jerusalem artichoke, fennel flower and leak broth

A starter from La Violeta (Barcelona) by Jordi Limón.

Sustainable recipe

Creamy cauliflower rice

A delicious vegetarian rice dish for every palate.

Sustainable recipe

Celeriac baked in salt with salsify crisps, confit carrots

A finger-licking vegetarian dish made with seasonal vegetables.

Sustainable recipe

Rice with Catalana chicken, squash and Reus hazelnuts

An appetising starter made with ingredients produced very close to our city.

Sustainable recipe

Prawn ravioli without pasta

This simple yet innovative recipe will let you include a light and original first course in your Christmas meals.

Scallop and prawn risotto

Another good option for a first course is this marine risotto. A delicious dish that will bring iodine, sodium and proteins to your table.

Sautéed sea cucumbers with chanterelles

A light and easy-to-prepare first course that will amaze you.

Escudella i carn d'olla

You can't have a Christmas menu without escudella i carn d’olla.  Learn how to prepare it!

Potato and smoked salmon salad

A very complete salad from a nutritional point of view and a good option for starting your Christmas meal.


There's no secret to making cannelloni (canelons), it's a fun recipe but there's nothing especially complicated about it.

Cep mushroom risotto

A creamy rice you'll be amazed at how easy it is to prepare. A finger-licking first course that can be prepared with very few ingredients.

Courgette and prawn cannelloni

If you're keen to innovate, how about trying your hand at this original variety of typical Christmas cannelloni.

Pineapple treat

Pineapple is a very aromatic tropical fruit with an intensive flavour and very interesting nutritional qualities.

Grups de Destacats

Second courses

Tatin of Prat Artichoke and egg parfait

A light main course made with local and seasonal produce from CèNTRIC Gastro (El Prat) by Susana Aragón.

Sustainable recipe

Saffron milk caps with eggs, pine nuts and sun-dried tomatoes

A mouth-watering main course with bloody milk cap, "the mushroom with a thousand names!"

Sustainable recipe

Oven-baked sea bream with its own garnish

A delicious fish option, simple to prepare and with a very attractive presentation.

Express fish stew

A seafaring dish that always goes down well. It's as easy as cooking a good fish with potatoes.

Salted monkfish with fresh pasta and orange sauce

Monkfish is a much-loved fish that goes with all sorts of accompanying dishes. Try out this daring recipe!

Catalan-style chicken

A traditional Catalan dish that brings your table the aromas of your grandmother's cooking.

Oven-baked fish

Easy to prepare, this oven-baked fish dish will make you the toast of the table. A good alternative to meat.

Fish pie with pepper sauce

A dish that is always welcome on the table: fine, tasty and easy to prepare.

Oven-baked sea bass

A festival dish. Sea bass is a very fine and tasty fish. It has very little fat and lots of proteins.

Prawns with mango sauce

A simple, speedy recipe that marinates prawns to perfection with a spicy mango sauce.

Fricassee with wild mushrooms

A dish whose aromas bring back memories of grandma's cooking. Get into gear and discover how to prepare it.

Filet of pork with blue cheese

If you want to keep your distance from the classic, you can try out this simple, complete and yet innovative dish.

Cream of tomato with prawns

A good option if you haven't got much time on your hands: you can keep pre-prepared cream, leaving yourself with only the prawns to cook.

Stuffed Christmas capon

One of the traditional star dishes of the Christmas festivities. Follow this classic recipe and amaze your dining companions.

Oven-baked kid

An easy serving suggestion you can enjoy to the full, by reducing its fat content and boosting its flavour.

Grups de Destacats


Apple mille-feuille and beetroot with kumquat ice cream

A cold and sustainable dessert from Rasoterra (Barcelona) by Queralt Carpintero.

Sustainable recipe

Orange soufflé

What better way to finish off the menu than a dessert as pleasing to both the eye and the palate as this?

Sustainable recipe

Carrot cake with creamy mató

A tasty end to your menu which is sure to be a hit with everybody.

Sustainable recipe

Borratxo de moscatell: muscatel with pine nut ice cream, and hazelnut cream

And a very sweet dessert for a proper end to the meal.

Sustainable recipe

Baked apple flowers with toffee

A few apples, pieces of toffee, butter, sugar and flour will give you these truly original deserts.

Tronc de Nadal

This recipe offers chocolate lovers the perfect pièce de résistance for rounding off their Christmas meal.  

Mandarin ice cream

Making the most of the fact we're in full mandarin season, here's a light recipe we can offer you.

Torró de Xixona mousse with rolled wafers and chocolate

A mild, spongy and airy mousse, with a strong taste of torró perfectly combined with chocolate.

Crema catalana mousse with pineapple

A simple and original dessert that is very easy to make and which always delights.

Tortell de Reis

The Tortell de Reis is a typical Catalan cake shaped like a ring, made out of puff- or any other kind of pastry, and stuffed with marzipan, covered with fruit.

Irish coffee

A serving suggestion for every occasion, even when you have to drive, because it burns off all the alcohol without losing its taste.

Grups de Destacats

Traditional menus

Christmas menu

Christmas menu

We offer you a highly traditional Christmas menu, where you'll find the usual escudella or "Catalan stew" for the first course, a stuffed fowl for the second and, to round things off, the desserts you'd expect on these dates: craft torrons.

Boxing Day menu

Boxing Day menu

To follow your heavy Christmas lunch, we suggest a lighter and more balanced Boxing Day menu that still takes a nod at tradition, including a recipe for canelons.

New Year's Eve menu

New Year's Eve menu

We suggest a New Year's Even menu starting off with a potato salad (using a truly North European variety of potato), followed by a second course that brings the very best in French preparations to mind. For desert, Crema Catalana mousse with pineapple.

Kings' Day/Twelfth Night menu

Kings' Day/Twelfth Night menu

We're at the end of the Christmas festivities, so what could be better for Kings' Day than a menu that starts off with a light hors d'oeuvre, followed by an even more colourful second course and ending with a traditional Tortell de Reis, a special ring cake for the day?

Grups de Destacats

Sustainable menus

Sustainable Christmas day menu

We suggest a truly sustainable Christmas menu. Dishes made out of seasonal produce and ingredients from local farmers for good, clean, fair and local cuisine. Bon appétit!

Sustainable vegetarian menu

What better way to eat this Christmas than with a menu based on vegetarian products? Make your dishes with seasonal fruit, vegetables and nuts produced by local farmers, and discover a whole new range of flavours.

Sustainable menu for Epiphany

Why not try these finger-licking dishes for Epiphany? All products are seasonal, so always try to buy them from local farmers and producers. Enjoy them in your cooking while looking after the local economies, your health and the planet!