Artistic Objects / Material(itie)s and Aesthetics

Dialogue linked to the public program of activities 'Things that make things'
Thursday, 26 November, 2020

Crossing 4. Activity linked to the cycle 'DOING THINGS', within the framework of the public program of activities 'Things that make things', curated by Blanca Callén. 

Based on the exhibition work Vida de O by Lúa Coderch and the works Torrent Echidna Attractor or Full Fantom Five, by Lucía C. Pino, a dialogue is proposed about the possibilities and implications of vitally and artistically activating ethical-political paradigms that unsettle the human subject (the artist) to recognise and re-establish hybrid and more horizontal relationalities with objects and matter, between humans and non-humans.

Lúa Coderch: artist, professor and researcher, whose work focuses on the superficial, aesthetic and phenomenological dimension of our lives in common and their latent philosophical and political implications, through a combination of narrative practices and objectual practices in videos, performances and installations that she configures as research devices.

Lucía C. Pino: artist, whose practice focuses on sculptural research through the study and relationship with texts, objects, materials, associations, behaviours... Her work reveals the dialectic tension between the subjectiveness and vitalism of things, which demonstrates their political incidence or interest, surpassing what is anthropological.