Coses que les coses diuen

21 December, 2021

Do you believe in the ability of things to write human history? And to speak in the name of natural history? When do trivial details become vital? Wouldn’t it be good if exhibitions made us reflect on the relationship between human subjects and inanimate objects? Is the life of things important? 

This publication brings together reflections on Things Things Say, an exhibition curated by Latitudes, held at Fabra i Coats: Contemporary Art Centre of Barcelona with work by Adrià Julià, Annette Kelm, James N. Kienitz Wilkins, Sarah Ortmeyer, Eulàlia Rovira, Francesc Serra i Dimas, Stuart Whipps and Haegue Yang, as well as significant things from the collection of Friends of Fabra i Coats. It includes exhibition texts together with unpublished writings by Joana Hurtado Matheu, Latitudes and Eulàlia Rovira, and has been designed by Bendita Gloria.

ISBN: 978-84-9156-386-0
Pages: 180
Format: 11 x 16 cm
Price: 10 €
Languages: Catalan, spanish, english

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