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25 October, 2018 - 19:00

GRITOS Y SUSURROS. Conflicte dramàtic cinquè (amb l’obra d’art)

[CRIES & WHISPERS: Fifth Dramatic Conflict (with the Work of Art)] 2009

25.10.18 – 7 pm

This dramatization consists of a fragment of the last performance panel of the five that comprised CRIES & WHISPERS: Conversations with Radicals (2009). A female interpreter wears religious garments of a Catholic religious order and a black leather orthopaedic boot with spurs. The artist directs the performer’s reading of a Catalan script based on excerpts from Éperons : Les styles de Nietzsche [Spurs: Nietzsche’s Styles] (1978), Jacques Derrida’s analysis of fellow philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s discordant conception of women in his work. The performer receives abrupt indications when the oration must be commenced or continued, and her body is summarily moved into various positions without warning, forcing the register of her voice and her delivery of the words to compensate differently each time. In the final position the nun character is made captive, shrouded in a black sack, merely a detached head. 

Performers: Carme Callol and Tatin Revenga.

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