Guided Tour

12 December, 2021 - 12:30

​During this exhibition series, guided visits will be offered to All Order is Required Pure and The Sensuous Transformation. To participate in these free visits, please register in advance by email to:​​

​In All Order is Required Pure, Núria Güell employs her previous projects as a vehicle by which to delve deeper into the moralist, totalising decline of present-day public opinion, clearly visible in the redemptory will of cultural institutions, while at the same time inquiring into the implication of artists in this very decline. With this operation, she responds to the institutional request for a retrospective exhibition, with five new proposals and the complicity of seven other artists, three thinkers, two former convicts, various priests and a YouTubing nun.

The Sensuous Transformation, a project curated by Oriol Fontdevila, enquires into the role of beauty in the context of artistic and social practices, presenting various proposals where we may coexist with beauty and make it our own as a living practice. The project features work by Assemble, Patricia Esquivias, Javier Peñafiel & Rita Rakosnik and Julia Ramírez-Blanco & Paula García-Masedo.