have a plan b which is b so that plan a can exist

SEQÜÈNCIA #2: Performance by txe roimeser
Friday, 3 November, 2023

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have a plan b which is b so that plan a can exist

daily life cuts through and chokes, if you laugh underwater with your bug goggles on your eyes get wet, i don't go to the pool because the chlorine stings and putting on a swimming costume drowns you. what happens on 3 november depends on more than just a lapse of time, on the desire to enjoy-with, on desire and sponges — on salt and chlorine —, on a few months of writing and a few minutes of loops, text, anemones, on the archived that accompanies and extends and mutates. from here everything is provisional, including what precedes.​​

from a transfeminist practice and living with/from failure, txe roimeser activates research based on the somatheque. from everyday life, they point out mechanisms for constructing identities and use the cracks and margins to generate errors that reveal powers and fictions. trying to work in a situated way, they apply the appropriation and mutation of learned codes. txe studied at MUECA, is part of the RWM working group, exhibited tomar 70 mg de tiempo (el Bòlit), performed at El Molinex cuidadx under the care of Andrea Corrales, collaborated with Quimera Rosa in the design of the newspaper Ni Urras Ni Anarres, presented “Susi” with Anna Irina Russell (FEMINISMS!, CCCB), has made noise from time to time with Mordrake/"·"/nounom/MEGAZORD and has also had Jose Begega, Luca and needle and ink, glitter and 686 km of kaos and chickpea salad as copilots.