(In)organic Objects / Mountains and Voices

Dialogue linked to the public program of activities 'Things that make things'
Thursday, 12 November, 2020

Crossing 3. Activity linked to the cycle 'DOING THINGS', within the framework of the public program of activities 'Things that make things', curated by Blanca Callén. In collaboration with the PhD Programme in Person and Society in the Contemporary World, UAB

Presentation of clips from the documentary Tindaya Variations, by Isaac Marrero, who researches the social-material controversy of the Tindaya Mountain (a sacred place, natural resource and monumental space), in dialogue with the artistic and environmental analyses of Paula Bruna regarding the role of “natural objects” and their political representation in the framework of the Anthropocene’s ecological crisis.

Isaac Marrero: anthropologist, professor and researcher at Goldsmiths’ Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of London. His work explores, ethnographically, the conflicts and controversies where activisms and diverse aesthetic practices break with what is given to open new possible conditions and recreate the political and epistemic agency.

Paula Bruna: environmentalist and artist, her research analyses the natural-cultural conflict between economic growth and the finitude and limitation of natural resources in a process of collapse. In her installations she represents and researches these issues, through visual poetry and in recent projects has looked at the anthropogenic narrative from non-human positions.