8 November, 2017 to 1 April, 2018

RAW MATERIAL is an expository project whose intention is to explore the current local ecosystem of visual artists in order to develop a map of some of the most significant projects and work created here over the past few years. In this sense, the exhibition, as the fruit of a labour of exploration, is a sort of mining exercise of this RAW MATERIAL principally worked with by local organizations, public and private, involved in research, production, exhibition and contemporary art mediation in our country.length=1034808">TextArtistes.pdf</a>

Like another type of mining, data mining, RAW MATERIALaims, through the management of the information derived from this exploration and from its results, to initiate a process of generation of patterns of approaches to and the reading of symbolic value and of the material circumstances present in our artistic ecosystem.

Within the framework of the premises of this exploration, in RAW MATERIAL the range of observation of the local visual art ecosystem has centred on those artists who, having already left – often far behind – a first emergent phase of their trajectories, today find themselves in the midst of the consolidation of their artistic careers. In the majority of cases, this is a course that is permanently unstable and temporally undefined. These are artists and trajectories that some, while eschewing generational implications, have defined as "mid-life", halfway between local emergence and international consecration.

These "mid-life" artists and trajectories make up the RAW MATERIAL of our local ecosystem of visual arts, and are the reason that an exhibition space like Fabra i Coats in Sant Andreu–whose mission it is to become the centre of contemporary art to which this city aspires – must carry out a systematic exploration designed to discover them and make them visible.

Curatorial committee: David Armengol, David G. Torres i Martí Peran


Antoni Hervàs, Antonio Ortega, Avelino Sala, Dani Montlleó, Daniela Ortiz, David Bestué, Domènec, Enric Farrés Duran, Erick Beltrán, Ester Partegàs, Jaume Pitarch, Javier Peñafiel, Joan Morey, Joana Cera, Jordi Mitjà, Lúa Coderch, Luis Guerra, Luis Bisbe, Luz Broto, Martí Anson, Mireia Sallarès, Núria Güell, Oriol Vilanova, Patricia Dauder, Pere Llobera, Rafel G. Bianchi, Regina Giménez, Tere Recarens, Xavier Arenós and Yamandú Canosa.

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