Resisting (with/from) things

5 June, 2021 - 10:30

Celebration of the event initially scheduled for 11/28/2020 and subsequently canceled.​

Workshop facilitated by the ENMEDIO Collective.

Creation of “disobedient” objects that enable social transformation and resistance acts WITH/THANKS TO/THROUGH “things” in the context of COVID-19, recognising the political agency of hybrid collectives of humans and non-humans. How, thanks to the creation and elaboration of certain objects, can we better resist (or transform) a social world called to distancing and isolation?

ENMEDIO: a group of image professionals (designers, photographers, filmmakers, artists) who, unsatisfied with the lack of connections between art and political action, decided to abandon their usual field of work and put themselves enmedio (in between), in no specific place and everywhere at the same time, from where they explore the transformative potential of images and narratives.