Screening of BU SAN (Goodbye, Dragon Inn) (2003)

As part of the cycle There where once we passed and now we return, directed by Carlos Losilla.
7 May, 2015 - 19:00

BU SAN (Goodbye, Dragon Inn) (2003)
Dirección: Tsai Ming-liang. Guión: Tsai Ming-liang i Sih Sung. Fotografía: Liao Pen-jung. Montaje: Chen Sheng-chang. Sonido: Tu Duu-chih. Taiwan, 2005. 82 min. VOSC.

Among the promotion of large Asian filmmakers that appeared late last century, the Taiwanese Tsai Ming-liang (along with Chinese Jia Zhang-ke and Japanese Nobuhiro Suwa) has excelled to display a more personal career and particularly transgressive. Goodbye, Dragon Inn can be considered the first work of his films in which this radicality emerges to the surface, as if Tsai would no longer have anything to do with conventional narrative. The director returns to provide a chronicle of contemporary Taipei, which has experienced dizzying changes that have turned the city into a strange monster, a curious hybrid between East and West. In this case, Tsai resignates almost entirely to dialogue, he closes in a cinema that has to be overthrown (English title Dragon Inn) and certify that the place of cinephile enjoyment is now occupied by ghosts of the past. A fascinating film, endowed with great lyrical emotion, Goodbye, Dragon Inn shows that urban transformation can also lead to the annihilation of a certain collective and individual memory.

Carlos Losilla