Second session of the writing workshop by Eloy Fernández Porta

Praise and execration of the theme park
22 April, 2015 - 18:30


Stefanie Burkle, Window of the World, 1999

The architectures of simulation enable a shopping center to become the new model of the polis ( in the work of JG Ballard ), or that the lost world of the Neanderthals is staged with real actors in a theme park ( in the tales of George Saunders ) . Between these two poles, the primitive and the hypermodern, the imagined communities of our day, sometimes yearn for the soil of the cavern , but often dream of Dubai's skyscrapers. All together gives an approximation to the social logic of the prosthetic memory of these places and its blatant speculation.

Readings: George Saunders, Pastoralia (Mondadori) / Pastoràlia (Edicions de 1984); J. G. Ballard, Bienvenidos a Metro-Centre (Minotauro)

Exhibition space Fabra i Coats - Centre d'Art Contemporani