SEMINAR // Coexist With Beauty. 3rd session: Post-Aesthetic Beauty

Seminar led by Oriol Fontdevila. Session with Javier Peñafiel and Rita Rakosnik
30 September, 2021 - 17:00 to 20:00

We are called to develop an understanding of beauty that goes beyond its aesthetic moment. To the extent that sensuality and affect are returning to the practice of art, it becomes urgent to update our thinking on beauty, while most probably separating it from the idealist conception that has impregnated previous centuries.

With Javier Peñafiel & Rita Rakosnik.

The other seminar sessions are:

​Unavowable Beauty. 28 September. With Núria Güell and Patrícia Esquivias.

Intentional Beauty. 29 September. With Amica Dall (Assemble) and Julia Ramírez-Blanco.


Free activity. Requires prior registration in: