SEMINAR // Cohabiting Beauty. 1st session: Unavowable Beauty

Seminar led by Oriol Fontdevila. Session with Núria Güell and Patrícia Esquivias
28 September, 2021 - 17:00 to 20:00

Socially-committed artistic practice has often repudiated beauty, and has even had a suspicious relationship with it. Nevertheless, a considerably more realistic possibility of addressing the sensuous qualities of matter is inscribed within beauty. This is why it is now necessary to reconsider beauty in relation to environmental and humanitarian crises.

​With Núria Güell and Patrícia Esquivias.


Other seminar sessions:

Intentional Beauty. 29 September. With Amica Dall (Assemble) and Julia Ramírez-Blanco.

Post-Aesthetic Beauty. 30 September. With Javier Peñafiel & Rita Rakosnik.


Free activity. Requires prior registration in: