A sense of wonder. Carles Congost

4 May, 2018 to 22 July, 2018

A Sense of Wonder is an exhibition that brings together the latest projects by artist Carles Congost. It includes videos that can be interpreted individually but which maintain many thematic connections that are common in his artistic practice (music, the world of art, pop culture...) and in the way he formalises it (the careful staging and sense of humour). With regard to his trajectory, there is a notable evolution in the articulation of the elements he uses and a closer attention to the cinematographic language. Above all, an ability to use aspects that are familiar, quotidian and often associated to sub-genres persists, using them as a starting point and approaching aspects –without bombast or emphasis– that are more focused on and generic to the human condition. The author proposes the use of a series of references that belong to us to transcend them and see to what point they represent us or better explain what we had imagined.

A Sense of Wonder is a project created based on a co-production between Bòlit, Centre d’Art Contemporani. Girona and the Art Centre of la Panera, which the Contemporary Art Centre of Barcelona - Fabra i Coats completes with unpublished videos and a specific creation for the occasion. A total of eight works of art, endorsed by an excellent reception by the public and by distinctions such as the second edition of the Video Production Awards (promoted by LOOP Barcelona, the Network of Visual Arts Centres of Catalonia and Arts Santa Mònica) and a grant from the Botín Foundation, as well as a presence on the international scene such as Manifesta 11 –held in Zurich in 2016– and Komplot in Brussels.



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© The Congosound o Carles Congost, VEGAP, Barcelona, 2018.