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A Mouthful of Tongues (performance) - Stina Fors

4 November, 2023 - 21:00

ATRAVIESAME © Andrea Ganuza

ATRAVIESAME © Andrea Ganuza
ATRAVIESAME © Andrea Ganuza

A Mouthful of Tongues
In the performance A Mouthful of Tongues, the mouth becomes the theatre. Experimental vocal techniques such as growling, ventriloquism, tongue work-outs, dinosaur calls and more create a journey where many bodies and sounds are brought into dissociative relations. The body is not in connection with its voice or its sound. Confusion comes and goes and manners of communication break into one another. This performance celebrates the mouth as a potent channel where communication can be formed, expressed, torqued, destroyed and resurrected. We hear fragmented stories, thoughts and emotions of other places, delirious landscapes — of something that sounds like English but is not. A Mouthful of Tongues premiered in June 2022 at brut Wien in Austria.​

Stina Fors, born in 1989 in Goteborg (SE), is a choreographer, performer, drummer and vocalist who studied choreography and performance at SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam. Stina found her love for sound and voice and from there developed a repertoire of solo performances, such as her one-woman-punk band: Stina Force. Experimentation and improvisation are often used live as a creative strategy. Her performances are often created to be flexible and activated in a variety of spaces and events. Stina is currently based in Vienna.