Temporal Objects / Postcards and Memory

Dialogue linked to the public program of activities 'Things that make things'
Thursday, 29 October, 2020

Crossing 2 .  Activity linked to the 'DOING THINGS' cycle, within the framework of the public program of activities 'Things that make things', curated by Blanca Callén.

Presentation of the artistic work of Oriol Vilanova, who, through the collection of postcards, organises taxonomies of what is worth remembering and putting into circulation, in dialogue with a social-historical analysis of Franco’s Regime by feminist historian María Rosón, through everyday objects that appear in photographs from the period.

Oriol Vilanova: an artist interested in the political construction mechanisms of history and opinion, who has covered subjects such as success and triumph, museums as a disused exhibition space, icons of the past and the rewriting of history through artwork, on many occasions, based on memory, documentation and image archives.

María Rosón: art historian, professor and post-doctoral researcher in Critical visualities: cultural ecologies and investigations of the common (UCM)​. Her research lines focus on visual and material culture, mainly from 20th-century Spain, on gender studies and on the construction of history, cultural memory and visual imagery.