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John Patrick Shanley / sílvia Munt

The truth has a thousand faces, some of them built on prejudice. Rosa Maria Sardà and Ramon Madaula put on their habits in a work that explores the ambiguous nature of the human soul.

Doubt can be no less a unifying force than faith. At least, that is, according to the lead character in this play by the playwright John Patrick Shanley, a leading light in contemporary North American drama. In 2004, Shanley wrote this play about a priest suspected of having an illicit affair with a pupil. However, pederasty is not the theme of this piece, an intelligent, fast-moving exploration of uncertainty and the very nature of truth. The result is a mosaic of different minds that collide to build a miniature treatise on the human condition. This brilliant text received a veritable flood of accolades in 2005: a Pulitzer, a Tony, the New York Drama Critics Circle Award and the Drama Desk Award.

Artistic card

Traducció: Joan Sallent; Direcció: Sílvia Munt; Intèrprets: Ramon Madaula, Nora Navas, Rosa Maria Sardà, Mar Ulldemolins; Escenografia: Carles Alfaro; Vestuari: Berta Riera; Disseny d'i·luminació: Kiko Planas; Disseny de so: Pepe Bel; Attrezzo: María de Frutos; Assistència a la direcció: Montse Tixé; Assistència a l'escenografia: Meritxell Muñoz; Regidoria: Susana Roca; Construcció de l'escenografia: Jordi Castells, Pascualin estructures; Confecció del vestuari: Goretti Puente; Fotografia: David Ruano; Vídeo: Pime; Direcció de producció: Josep Domènech; Producció executiva: Meri Notario; Coordinació tècnica: Ganecha Gil;


John Patrick Shanley


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    Wednesday-Friday, 9.30pm; Saturday, 7 and 10pm; Sunday, 7pm
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    Teatre Poliorama

    Les Rambles, 115, 08002 Barcelona, Barcelona, Espanya

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    90 min
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