Grec at the community civic centres: Spectacular conference

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During the days leading up to the 2019 Grec, the community civic centres of the city host a proposal between a conference and a theatrical show signed by David Espinosa, an expert in the manipulation of objects.

What are the newest stage scenes? How come that in the last years there has been a rise of different stage proposals that explore the boundaries of theatrical representations? You may as well ask David Espinosa, an artist who has specialized in using all kinds of puppets or objects to stage, without actors, to represent the complete works of Shakespeare or the history of humanity. You will see him here giving a particular lesson about interdisciplinary stage arts, whereby he combines the Word with the manipulation of objects, choreographic action and shadow puppet play.

7 June, at the Centre Cívic Can Felipa (Pallars, 277). Registrations:
14 June, at the Centre Cívic Sant Andreu (Gran de Sant Andreu, 111). Registrations: or in-person at the reception, from 3 June onwards.
27 June, at the Centre Cívic Casa Elizalde (València, 302). Registrations:
28 junio, at the Centre Cultural Casa Orlandai (Jaume Piquet, 23).  Registrations: on-line via

All shows start at 20:00h


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