Reading clubs: Tan poca vida (A Little Life)

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We will be talking about the performances available in the festival and will analyze each detail in the meetings directed by Xavier Graset at the libraries of Barcelona, at the Reading clubs, in a battle of cocks with Shakespeare at the core, in a different conference or on the radio and in the festival blog.

Reading clubs at the libraries of Barcelona

If you like reading, do not miss the chance of discovering what happens when a literary text jumps on stage.

Some of the shows at the Grec Festival of Barcelona are based on literary texts, either old or modern, so that is why the Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison offers two Reading clubs based on these plays.

The novel of the North American autor Hanya Yanagihara, born in Hawai, is bound to get you hooked. It is a best-seller that talks about male friendship, and some other issues, a terrible and painful novel with all the necessary elements for readers to keep excited up until the end. The director Ivo van Hove and the  Internationaal Theater Amsterdam have taken to stage a performance that is particularly demanding with actors. Read the novel, go to the theatre and pay close attention, for they say it is one of the best works of this director.

Related show: Tan poca vida (Internationaal Theater Amsterdam / Concept and direction: Ivo van Hove)


Registration to both reading clubs:
Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison (Sant Pere més Baix, 7)
Tel. 93 268 73 60

Participants can take advantage of the promotion when buying both shows.


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