A large swallow, the unique new play area in the Jardins de la Indústria

Children in the Sagrada Família neighbourhood now have a giant swallow to play on in the Jardins de la Indústria. This unique new space, which includes other figures of smaller animals, seeks to provide a recreation area that stimulates children’s imagination and their bond with nature.

29/10/2019 12:13 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The area includes slides, platforms, ramps, balancing games, nets, swings and other play elements in an open space with areas for people accompanying children to relax. New urban furniture and more vegetation have also been added.

The play area was renewed following the criteria in the Play Plan 2020-2030, which promotes a more diverse and stimulating vision of play areas for children in the city.

The goal is to include features which boost young children’s imagination and creativity, the development of physical abilities, experimentation, socialisation and their bonds with nature.

Giant whales in Nou Barris

A unique play area has also been opened in the Parc Central de Nou Barris, with two giant whales swimming together and other figures inspired by the marine ecosystem.

The area includes slides, a maze, rope hammocks, a climbing area, a boat with room for several children at the same time and a mobile fin.

A child-friendly city

The revamp to the city’s play areas is part of the Play Plan for Public Space, a pioneering plan designed to build a more child-friendly city and promote young children’s well-being, learning and creativity, as well as neighbourhood life in greener traffic-calmed environments.

Work to make public space more geared towards play includes revamping play areas according to new criteria, jointly working with children to create recreation areas in the Parc de La Pegaso and the Parc Central de Nou Barris. This involves the installation of giant play elements such as the swallow, the whale and the Sant Andreu octopus, as well as transforming the area around the Escola La Pau into a more pleasant space for young children to play in.

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