A plan to fight inequality and disparities on a global level

Barcelona’s new Master Plan for Cooperation for Global Justice 2018-2021 maintains the commitment to devote 0.7% of the City Council’s own resources to cooperation for global justice and has the goal of strengthening the role of cities in tackling global issues.

03/01/2018 13:22h


The new plan has been put together based on the consolidation of the three previous plans, modifying some of the basic parts and changing the focus of cooperation policies. Global justice moves to the centre of the City Council’s cooperation policies to boost municipal cooperation in projects on economic, environmental and gender justice, as well as maintaining the City Council’s commitment to defending the right to refuge and the free movement of people.

According to the Councillor for International Relations, Laura Pérez, the new plan aims to “affect public policies for cooperation by other cities which also have the political will to tackle global issues”.

The new plan aims to move from being an isolated cooperation policy to achieving greater coherence between these policies and other municipal policies developed in the city. Barcelona will also be working as part of a network with other global cities such as Havana, Amman and Maputo to achieve greater social justice and provide more support for projects allowing citizens to make progress with rights, the fight against climate change, the promotion of responsible consumption and other areas.

According to the Councillor for International Relations: “This is a truly municipally-driven plan which aims to strengthen ties between cities. It means we can establish new alliances with different cities in priority zones such as the Mediterranean and the Middle East, in relation to the humanitarian crisis resulting from the armed conflict in Syria”.

The plan has been put together using a participatory process involving different entities from the sphere of international cooperation and forming part of the Municipal Council for International Cooperation.