A single card for all benefit payments from social services

The Barcelona Solidarity Card is being introduced in 2020 with the aim of cutting red tape, strengthening the autonomy of users and reducing stigmatisation. The card will be introduced in the coming weeks and should be made available to 16,000 families, helping to manage an initial sum of 19 million euros.

07/01/2020 15:52 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new simplified card is effectively three cards in one: the child benefit card, the B-Mincome municipal income card and the current food aid card. All benefits awarded by municipal social services will thus be combined with a single card, along with financial support given to families by other social entities.

The Barcelona Solidarity Card will be a nominal payment card and not allow for cash withdrawals. It will be able to be used at establishments with point-of-sale terminals, enabling users to purchase food, clothing and footwear, as well as paying school enrolment fees, bills and other expenses. The card will be made available to existing users of municipal social services whose social needs have been accredited.

Around fifty private partners have so far signed up to the project, such as stalls at municipal markets, health sector services and various other establishments. The goal is for new partners to sign up too.

The Barcelona Solidarity Card is one of the measures in the Impulsem! action plan to modernise and streamline the management of municipal social services.

Want to find out which benefits you’re entitled to?

The Les Meves Ajudes website provides details and support on social benefits, anonymously and regardless of which public administration provides and manages them.