Barcelona, feminist city

We’re a feminist city, applying the gender perspective in all municipal policies and taking a collective stand against gender violence. We’re a city which takes into account and combats the everyday difficulties faced by women in terms of care, job insecurity and labour discrimination, safety at home and in the streets. We’re a feminist city, which protects and stands up for sexual and gender diversity, which has created a pioneering LGBTI centre and which fights LGBTI-phobia. We’re a city based on feminism, reinventing ourselves every day to achieve a space which is free and safe for everybody.

  • LGBTI Pride 2019, a celebration with a message

    Video summary of the highlights from Pride 2019 in Barcelona: the demonstration by the 28 June Unitary Commission and the Pride 2019 parade.

  • Nightlife venues in the city adopt the protocol against sexist aggression

    A total of 36 venues, music festivals and concert halls have now adopted the protocol.

  • Towards a future free of sexism

    The new campaign coincides with the week of 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

  • Urban transformation with the gender perspective

    The Neighbourhood Plan promotes exploratory walks in various city neighbourhoods.

  • Boosting science and technology vocations among girls in the city

    The initiative Girls for a Change aims to bridge the digital gender divide and promote equal opportunities.

  • The new LGBTI Centre opens as a pioneering space for sexual and gender diversity

    The centre offers support and advice, as well as a culture and awareness programme for the general public.